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We here at TLB are the premier concrete contractors in Lubbock, TX. Our experienced team offers various concrete services to meet your needs. Our team is ready to help you with stamped concrete, driveway installation, foundation repair, and more. We ensure the job is done correctly. We take pride in our work and strive for excellence in every project. You can trust that your project will be finished with top-notch quality and accuracy that will endure for a long time. Our years of expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction guarantee it. Let us help you make your dream vision a reality!

Whether you are in need of residential or commercial concrete work, call us today. Our skilled professionals promise high-quality results. We will answer any questions from our various options to choose from. Get the best concrete services from TLB!

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Concrete Driveways

Check out our amazing top-notch driveway finishes. Enhance your home’s entertainment space with our quick installation process.


Concrete Foundations

Foundation repair is mandatory. At least if you want your house upright and safe. Contact us to check the structural integrity of your home. 


Stained Concrete

A well-designed outdoor living space is great. It improves the aesthetic of any home. Design your property with awesome stained concrete today. Make your property stand out!


Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete adds a fresh look for your property. TLB offers many finishes from simple pavers to complex patterns.

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Hiring a reputable Lubbock contractor with a smart team is important. Our crew has years of experience to provide an amazing project for your home. Work with TLB and have your affordable concrete job completed on schedule.

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Our Ready-Mix Projects Include:

Why is TLB the Best Concrete Contractors Lubbock TX, offers?

TLB is a top concrete contractor in Lubbock, TX. We provide the best quality services and great customer service. We take pride in every job we do. Our team of professionals is experienced in pouring ready-mix concrete in Lubbock, TX, as well as staining and repairing existing concrete. We promise to give our customers excellent work and skill for all their concrete needs. At TLB, we will ensure your project – whether a simple repair job or a complex custom countertop – turns out just how you want it. We ensure that every construction step meets the high standards set for Lubbock concrete contractors. This guarantees that your project will last a long time.

Our company offers clients many choices for designing their dream space with stamped concrete in Lubbock, TX. Our experts have extensive experience with colors, textures, and patterns. We will create a unique look for you that will endure any season or weather, all within your budget. At TLB, we ensure every detail is perfect and gets the best results. This way, you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor living area!

Our goal is to offer excellent service that surpasses expectations. We specialize in installing or repairing concrete for companies in Lubbock, Texas, regardless of the job’s size. Reliable concrete coating services are crucial to us. That’s why we ensure all materials we use meet safety and aesthetic industry standards. It applies to various projects, including driveways, sidewalks, and commercial and residential concrete structures like parking lots and patios. Rest assured that we will handle your project professionally and within budget. Depending on the job type, we are committed to meeting your requirements or city regulations. Our motto remains to: “exceed their expectations.” Count on us to ensure that you get quality concrete that will last for many years to come.

TLB understands the importance of decorative options for creating a beautiful home environment. We offer decorative borders for flower beds and walkways made of colored concrete countertops in the greater Texas area. Additionally, we provide acid staining for rustic looks to enhance indoor and outdoor spaces. We are equipped to handle cracked foundations using specialized epoxies and other necessary repairs due to weathering over time. Our sealants protect against harsh UV rays from the sun. With TLB, you can expect excellent results and timely project completion. Let’s discuss stamped concrete in Lubbock, TX…

Stamped Concrete Lubbock TX

Want to transform your outdoor space? Look no further than TLB, the top concrete contractor in Lubbock, Texas. With our incredible stamped concrete, you can create a visually stunning and highly desired outdoor area. Stamped concrete creates a custom look to suit your needs. It’s ideal for making excellent driveways, paths around the house, patios, and pool decks. You can have beautiful stamped concrete designs that will bring you joy for many years.

Since the beginning, TLB has been doing high-quality stamped concrete jobs. Our excellent reputation in Lubbock, TX, comes from our satisfied customers. Our team is proud of their work and always aims to provide superior results. We have much experience working with concrete and are dedicated to our craft. We use high-quality materials that aren’t expensive materials like cement mixes, colors, and textures. We apply them to your project to create the effect you want. This final product adds value and beauty to any property’s outdoor space.

Our stamping techniques can recreate the look of natural stones like granite, slate, sandstone, and even brick. We can also create intricate designs like geometric patterns or custom logos. You can also select shades – from light gray to deep dark brown. This ensures you will always find something that matches your preferences perfectly. We specialize in precast concrete jobs in Lubbock, TX. Our experienced team can provide an extra layer of protection in installations every time.

TLB is the best choice for high-quality stamped work. We have competitive prices and provide professional concrete services. Because of this, TLB stands out from other locally owned and operated concrete companies in Lubbock. Why not give us a call today to learn more about our services? We are committed to customer satisfaction and ensure you get what you want. With us, transforming your outdoor space becomes more accessible so you can enjoy the benefits sooner. Do you need concrete services such as driveway installation? We’ll discuss this in the next section! 

stamped concrete lubbock tx
concrete staining lubbock tx

Residential Concrete Driveway Lubbock TX

Revamp your home’s exterior by getting a beautiful custom driveway from TLB. We pride ourselves on providing stunning concrete driveways, walkways, patios, and more. You’re guaranteed to leave a lasting impression! We have the know-how and skill to complete all our work to the highest standards. Our team can handle projects of any size. We take on small residential jobs as well as large commercial projects. Whether you need a new driveway or want to upgrade your existing one, our concrete contractors serving Lubbock can help make it happen.

Our team takes great care to ensure that each job goes as smoothly as possible. We only use high-quality materials and products for every project. This ensures that your investment will last for many years. We provide various maintenance services, including foundation repair, mudjacking, concrete sealing and cleaning, stain removal, crack filling, and more.

TLB has everything you need to complete any project successfully. Our experts will recommend concrete materials suitable for your needs and budget. We have a lot of experience installing concrete for many Lubbock homeowners. We promise you’ll be happy with any project we do for you.

TLB is dedicated to excellent customer service. We are here for you 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns about your project. Our skilled experts take pride in their work and ensure every detail is cared for, giving you peace of mind.

concrete driveway rockford il
concrete driveway rockford il

Concrete Staining Lubbock TX

Improving your home’s exterior with a colorful concrete finish is now easier. Our Lubbock concrete staining services can breathe life into your existing concrete floor or add personality and color to new countertops. TLB works in Lubbock to help you with your decision. Our team of experts knows their stuff regarding all kinds of concrete staining. We can also seal the finished product for a longer-lasting effect.

Investing in your home can feel intimidating, so TLB Concrete is here to help. That’s why we offer Lubbock residents free estimates so you know precisely what you will pay before work begins. Contact us now for details on our concrete stain Lubbock, TX services!

At TLB, we promise excellent service and high-quality work on all our projects. Regarding reliable Lubbock concrete contractor services, look no further than us! We are proud of our reputation as one of the best in the area and strive for complete customer satisfaction on every job.

If you have any concrete staining needs in Lubbock, TX, trust TLB Concrete, no matter the size or scope of your project. Start now by asking for a free estimate. We can turn your vision into reality. Our experience and commitment to quality ensure long-lasting and beautiful outcomes. To begin basic foundation repair in Lubbock, TX, immediately, reach out today!

concrete staining lubbock tx
concrete staining lubbock tx

Basic Foundation Repair Lubbock TX

Trust TLB to tackle your basic foundation repair needs with speed and precision. Our team offers concrete services for homes and businesses in Lubbock, TX. We specialize in stamped and stained concrete, as well as foundation repair. We’ve been the top contractor in Lubbock for years. We offer high-quality workmanship to our valued customers.

Our experienced team can take care of all concrete installation or repairs, whether it’s for homes or businesses. We offer various services, including patios, driveways, sidewalks, and more.

Stamped concrete is a way to make your surface look unique by adding an attractive pattern. TLB offers stamped concrete services in Lubbock, TX. Residents can personalize their outdoor space to suit their style and preferences.

For dependable foundation repair in Lubbock, TX, rely on TLB’s experienced contractors. We have been serving the area for many years. Our team has the experience to ensure your home is safe and secure. We use concrete to provide reliable repairs every time.

TLB is committed to making sure you are satisfied as our customer. We always provide excellent service for your foundation repair needs in Lubbock, TX. We’re happy to work with your budget, ensuring you don’t feel overwhelmed by the costs of the repairs. We are proud to be known as the area’s top concrete service provider. We work diligently every day to uphold our reputation. Let’s talk about mudjacking in Lubbock, TX. It’s a method used to fix uneven surfaces on your property. It’s essential to address them adequately to avoid any potential dangers.

foundation repair lubbock tx
foundation repair lubbock tx

Mudjacking Lubbock TX

Foundational repair is vital for keeping your home safe and intact. We also specialize in mudjacking Lubbock, TX, at TLB. Mudjacking is a process we use to pave and level concrete slabs and make them stable again. Mudjacking is a process where holes are drilled into the slab. Then, a mixture of soil, sand, cement, and water is pumped beneath the slab until it reaches the desired height. If you have a concrete surface like a patio, sidewalk, or driveway that has become uneven because of foundation shifting or settling, you can use this process to fix it. Our team of experts will use top-quality materials to build a sturdy base for your project. We prioritize safety and efficiency to complete the job on time.

TLB is a highly trusted concrete contractor in Lubbock. We specialize in mudjacking services in Lubbock, TX. We have a lot of experience working on different projects. These projects include big or small residential and commercial concrete jobs. We aim to offer our clients high-quality work at fair prices while ensuring their satisfaction. We provide free quotes so you can decide before signing contracts.

When we do mudjacking services in Lubbock, TX, our team only uses high-quality ready mix concrete products. We get them from reliable suppliers in the local area. We understand the importance of providing customers with long-lasting quality results. That’s why we take extra steps to ensure durability, using proper equipment and techniques for every job. Our technicians are highly trained professionals who strictly adhere to industry standards for safety and performance. This applies to our mudjacking services in Lubbock, TX.

Choose us, TLB Concrete Contractor LLC, for all your concrete projects in Lubbock, TX. We always aim to exceed expectations, no matter the size of the project. You’ll receive excellent service and great value for your concrete coatings. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

Lubbock Concrete Coatings

You can rely on TLB for all your concrete coating needs. Our skilled technicians use quality materials for a durable finish that enhances your home’s value. Are you looking for concrete coatings in Lubbock, TX? Our prices are competitive, and you can trust us to get the job done right on your patio, driveway, or any other project. We focus on epoxy coating. It protects from the weather, wear and tear, and spills. We also offer essential foundation services in Lubbock, TX, including commercial concrete projects. We have you covered!

Regarding meeting your needs for precise concrete services in Lubbock, TX, US Today, readers have recognized TLB as one of the top contractors in town. We know how to provide quality workmanship quickly and efficiently. This ensures no delay in your project, allowing you to move forward smoothly. Our team can handle any project, big or small. We care for everything, from small patios and driveways to large commercial foundations. You can trust us to deliver results you’ll be proud of.

TLB is skilled in all types of concrete coating work. They can handle repair, patchwork, and complete removal and replacement of cracked or broken surfaces. We provide pool deck resurfacing solutions. This service is ideal for customers who want to enhance their outdoor spaces with features like fire pits and hot tubs. Our prices are fair, and we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about our offerings at TLB Concrete Contractors.

Our team is ready to help you with any complicated or urgent project. Our staff is made up of highly trained professionals. They understand how to deliver excellent results consistently. Are you looking for reliable contractors who offer quality work at an affordable price? Look no further! TLB Concrete Contractors is your answer. When you reach out to us for your project, we’ll handle all the planning from start to finish so you can enjoy the final result stress-free. From there – let’s explore the world of concrete cleaning Lubbock, tx, together next!

Concrete Cleaning Lubbock TX

TLB is the go-to team for cleaning and maintaining your concrete surfaces. We know that keeping your concrete looking good requires regular upkeep and cleaning. We provide dependable concrete cleaning services in Lubbock, TX, for all types of concrete flatwork.

Keep your driveway looking pristine with our professional pressure washing services. We can keep your driveway clean and ready for any occasion, whether gravel or brand-new concrete.

We keep your concrete walkways safe by cleaning slippery areas and removing dirt and grime. We’ll also ensure that your pavement looks excellent so you can be proud of its appearance when visitors come by.

Enjoy your time outdoors more! Don’t worry about stains on your pool deck or patio furniture. Our crew will clean up after summer barbecues or rainy days promptly and efficiently.

Ensure your countertops remain clean and sparkling with our advanced cleaning solutions for countertops and concrete flatwork. Our skilled team will clean your indoor and outdoor concrete flatwork to perfection!

We specialize in top-notch concrete coating and restoration services for homes in Lubbock, TX. Our team is committed to delivering outstanding results every time. You can rely on us to keep your surfaces looking their best without spending too much money.

Concrete Cutting Lubbock TX

Trust TLB to offer precise and flawless concrete cutting Lubbock, TX services. Our team has the expertise to improve any property in Lubbock, TX or West Texas with quality results. We use top-of-the-line tools and techniques to ensure precision cuts for your project every time. We’re experts in concrete cutting, and we’re also skilled in dirt work. This means we can get everything done fast and efficiently.

TLB is committed to going above and beyond your expectations. We provide fast service and reliable assistance at an affordable price. Whether you need a single cut or an entire set of intricate cuts, our experienced team is here to help make it happen. We can even come out for emergency services if needed!

Our attention to detail ensures that your project is completed safely and on time with no muss or fuss. Our customer service representatives are always available. You can contact them if you have any questions or concerns. At TLB, you can always trust that your job will be done correctly. We guarantee your satisfaction!

TLB covers all your concrete cutting needs in Lubbock, TX and West Texas properties. Are you ready to learn more? Contact us today for a free quote and discover why we’re the best in town! And when you need reliable ready mix concrete delivery in Lubbock County, choose TLB Concrete Contractors.

Ready Mix Concrete Lubbock Texas

You’ll be amazed by the quality of our ready mix concrete delivery services. TLB is a top concrete contractor in Lubbock, Texas. We have lots of experience and an excellent record of finishing projects on time. Almost 95% of our projects are completed under budget. We offer a wide range of ready mix concrete services. Our team members are experienced and use high-quality materials. They make sure to get the job done correctly the first time. We can deliver your order fast and efficiently because we have reliable vehicles and top-notch equipment. Plus, all our work is backed by an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee!

We ensure that each job meets your specific requirements, including how it looks and how strong it is. Our staff will assist you in finding the ideal solution for any project, regardless of size. We can handle everything from pouring driveways to cutting custom shapes with precision. Choose TLB in Lubbock, Texas, if you want a skilled team that delivers excellent results at competitive prices.

We know how important it is to complete your project on time and within budget at TLB. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling options so you can get what you need when you need it most. You can trust us. We handle situations quickly and professionally. We never compromise on quality or safety standards. Don’t worry about your complicated project. Our team has experience with various projects and knows how to handle them!

We want our customers to be happy. That’s why we stand out from other companies in the area. We have thousands of satisfied clients who can vouch for our commitment to customer satisfaction. We aim to provide excellent service from start to finish, including any necessary follow-up maintenance. Our Lubbock Concrete Contractors are the top choice for reliable ready mix concrete delivery in Lubbock, TX. Our customers always come first.

Concrete Repair Lubbock TX

We know how important it is to care for and fix concrete structures at TLB. That is why we are the best concrete contractor in Lubbock, Texas. We have years of experience delivering excellent service. You can rely on us to complete your project correctly. Whether it’s a driveway, patio, or any concrete-related job, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

We can handle repairs in the greater Lubbock area because we have the skills and expertise required. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations and achieve excellent, long-lasting results. Our skilled team uses advanced tools and methods to deliver high-quality work and satisfy customers.

From small cracks to large holes, there’s no repair too big or small for us to handle. We fix concrete surfaces like driveways, patios, sidewalks, and curbs. Our specialty is repairing all types of concrete surfaces. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent outcomes that meet your requirements quickly and efficiently. You won’t need to worry about any additional harm in the future.

If you need concrete repair in Lubbock, TX, or any other area in Texas, ask us first! TLB Concrete Contractors is proud to offer the best services for your specific needs. If you need dependable and affordable repairs, give us a call today. You won’t regret it! We have a fast response time and an excellent customer service reputation in Texas. You can always rely on us for prompt and efficient concrete repairs in the Lubbock area.

Our Concrete Companies Lubbock Texas Can Help You

Let the experts handle your concrete Lubbock, Texas projects. Trust our Lubbock Concrete companies to do the job right. We have offered excellent services in Lubbock, Texas and nearby areas for over 20 years. Our team is well-trained and certified. We provide high-quality workmanship that lasts for many years.

Whether it’s a new driveway or a foundation for an addition, you can trust TLB with all your concrete needs. We offer a wide range of concrete services, including delivery of ready mix concrete and decorative concrete finishes. Here are some examples of the services we provide:

We aim to provide flexible scheduling and Lubbock concrete prices that can’t be beaten. This way, you can get what you need within your budget without compromising quality or safety. Our staff will help you with any questions and ensure the job is done right the first time.

No matter the size of your project, you can trust TLB for dependable service. With years of experience and industry know-how, we’re here to support you. Contact us today for more information about our services!

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TLB Concrete completed my patio quickly! I can't recommend them enough. If you have a central Texas concrete project, check out their services. They are the best concrete contractor in Lubbock, Tx.
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These guys are the best. They presented me with many decorative finishes for my pool deck. I was happy with the high quality service. They paid serious attention to detail. TLB was also transparent with their pricing.
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