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Residential Concrete Stain Lubbock TX

We all want to make our homes look beautiful and inviting, but it’s not always easy. TLB offers concrete staining in Lubbock, TX, to help! We have the experience and equipment to provide excellent color options for any pool deck, garage floor and more. We’re a concrete contractor that can transform outdoor concrete surfaces into a work of art. Count on us to apply rich colors that are stain resistant to replace the old concrete.

Are you looking for information on concrete stains or coatings in Lubbock, TX? We have you covered! Learn about the benefits, cost, types of stains, and how to prepare your floor for staining. Let’s begin! We’ll show you how a few easy steps can make any floor coating unique! 

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concrete stain lubbock tx
concrete staining lubbock tx

What is a Concrete Stain Lubbock, TX?

TLB offers excellent concrete staining services in Lubbock, Texas. Our work is impressive, and you will be satisfied with the results. Concrete staining is a process of adding water based colors to existing concrete floors.

 It involves using specialized stains to provide a unique personal touch to your home. TLB offers a variety of colors for concrete staining in Lubbock. These can be used to decorate or improve the appearance of any existing floor. 

TLB can assist with both new and old residential or commercial properties. We have the right product and team to help you achieve your desired effect. Our professionals use advanced technology to create beautiful stained concrete floors.

Our experienced technicians know a lot about concrete staining in Lubbock. We will use our expertise to ensure the job is done right. We know that everyone has different needs and preferences. That’s why we consider all these factors when offering our services. Our team proudly provides a personalized approach for each customer’s stained concrete surfaces. We always maintain high standards of quality and professionalism.

We also provide maintenance services. We recommend keeping your stained floors beautiful and intact over time. You won’t need to replace them entirely every few years. Our products are designed to last. They can withstand heavy traffic, dirt, dust, mold, weathering, and more. This ensures long-lasting results without any hassle or worry for our customers. Our goal is to ensure your interior and exterior concrete surfaces look great.

We believe in giving back at TLB. We help transform homes into beautiful works of art through our signature stained concrete floors service. Adding value and creating an inviting atmosphere is essential. We aim to provide excellent customer service and craftsmanship for all projects, regardless of size or type. It doesn’t matter whether you want new concrete countertops or epoxy flooring. TLB can help you achieve a unique look for your space quickly. Our water-based solutions create surfaces with a clear sealer and interior floors with a good stain life. Let us show you the possibilities. Let’s explore the benefits of using TLB’s concrete stain services in Lubbock, Texas. 

Benefits of Concrete Staining

Staining your surfaces adds vibrant floor coatings to your home. TLB offers concrete staining services in Lubbock, TX. We can transform any ordinary area into a stunning and attractive space. Our team is committed to providing the best concrete polishing in Lubbock. Call us today to help you achieve the ideal appearance for your home or business. With our experienced team and quality materials, we guarantee outstanding results every time.

No matter what type of concrete coating service you choose, we ensure it lasts at TLB. We only use high-quality products. They are built to withstand harsh weather, flaking, and foot traffic. And because our process is fast and efficient, you’ll be able to enjoy your new look immediately. Our competitive prices allow you to enhance any property without spending too much.

Why not do more? TLB also resurfaces stamped concrete to give your concrete stain resistance. This includes sealing and cleaning to keep your stained concrete looking its best. Replace that old gray concrete. If your surface is worn, contact us for a free quote today to schedule an appointment. Get a garage floor or patio coating that looks great. Our Lubbock, TX, concrete experts are here to help you with your residential and commercial projects.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer subtle hues of blues and greens or bright shades of pinks and yellows. Whatever effect you want, we have the perfect solution for transforming concrete surfaces with a clear natural stone! So don’t delay – contact us today for more information on how we can help bring life back into your home or business!

Types of Lubbock Concrete Coating and Staining

Revamp your outdoor areas using TLB’s concrete coating and staining services in Lubbock. The result? Vibrant colors and attractive textures will transform the top layer of the concrete surfaces you choose. There are many options when creating a unique look for your concrete surfaces:

We know how important it is to find dependable concrete staining services. We offer high-quality products at affordable prices. Our team has years of experience and can help you achieve the perfect look for your outdoor living area without overspending. If you want long-lasting, exceptional results, let us show you what we have today! 

Finding a Reliable Concrete Staining Company

We know finding a trustworthy concrete staining company can be overwhelming. You want your concrete coating and staining project done right with suitable materials. That’s why we strive to provide the best service in Lubbock, Texas, for all your concrete stain needs. Our team has extensive experience working on projects of all sizes. We have worked on everything from residential driveways to commercial parking lots. We use only the highest quality products available so that you can be sure of a long-lasting finish.

We prioritize quality over convenience for our customers’ concrete stain projects. Our attention to detail ensures that each job is done right the first time and every time. We give free estimates, so you can know the cost upfront and avoid unexpected expenses later. Our staff is friendly and ready to help you with any questions or concerns about our services. We serve the greater Lubbock, TX area and surrounding areas as well.

We are committed to excellence. This means we provide high-quality concrete coating and staining services. But it doesn’t end there. We are also ethical business owners who care about our customers’ satisfaction as much as our profits.

Our top-notch customer service standards set us apart from other companies. Choose TLB and get an experienced team with a dependable business reputation. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding results and providing excellent customer service. You can trust TLB for your next concrete staining project in Lubbock, TX. We guarantee your satisfaction no matter how big or small the project is. Need an estimate? Contact us today, and we will bring your vision to life with our concrete coating and staining expertise. With TLB, you won’t have to worry about mistakes or low-quality work. Enjoy beautiful results at an affordable price.

Cost of Concrete Staining Lubbock, TX

Are you looking to give your property a makeover without spending too much? Let’s discuss the cost per square foot of staining the concrete surface of your home. Although concrete can be expensive, TLB offers competitive pricing for staining projects in Lubbock! Whether you need concrete staining or other concrete work in Lubbock, TX, TLB is here to help you do the job affordably. We make sure you get the best results possible at a lower cost. Our quality products and expert team of professionals are here to help. 

Our team has offered excellent concrete staining services in Lubbock for many years. We understand the importance of delivering quality results. That’s why we only use high-quality materials, which are great for concrete projects of all sizes. At TLB, we provide excellent results at affordable prices compared to other companies.

We know a lot is involved in preparing a concrete floor for staining correctly at TLB. Our technicians will handle everything. They will clean and prepare the surface before painting. They will also apply protective coatings after painting. If needed, they can provide regular maintenance too. We also offer specialized protective sealants which can help prolong the life of your newly stained floors by protecting them from exposure to water damage or harsh weather conditions.

TLB offers exceptional value with no hidden fees or charges – so if you’re looking for reliable, affordable concrete staining in Lubbock, TX, look no further! Our experts will give you an accurate quote before starting so you can budget accordingly and enjoy beautiful new floors without breaking the bank.

Preparing the Concrete Floor for Staining

Have you wondered how to properly prepare a concrete floor before staining? This part of the process is crucial. It should never be skipped to ensure proper staining services with excellent results. 

First, we’ll clear the area of debris and dirt. Next, we use a power washer to remove oil stains, grease, and other contaminants. This ensures that no issues arise later on when you begin applying the stain. Once the area is cleaned, we fill any holes or cracks for a great result. We always make sure we do the following:

TLB etches the concrete surface to allow the acid-based stains to penetrate deeper. To achieve this, we mix muriatic acid with water as instructed on the package. Then, we apply the mixture to your concrete floor. 

 The mixture must sit for about 10 minutes. Then it will be rinsed off with cold water and dried overnight before continuing with staining.

Preparation is crucial for dealing with stained concrete floors. TLB takes their time to follow the proper steps, like cleaning surfaces and filling holes. These small actions will lead to better results in the future. Taking a little more time initially can save you money in the future if the acid stain is applied poorly and requires repairs or replacements. Give us a call for a free quote to get started!

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